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An introductory overview to Health Mastery

At last we have a lexicon that includes most allophatic and complementary healing methods in one volume. This also includes many psychological-oriented methods and spiritual insights. The book presents an integral view on all these healing methods, on four levels: physical, energetically, mentally, and spiritually. This is a new positive and integral way of considering and manifesting total health!

This lexicon is targeted towards all who seek healing, including practitioners and their clients. The book is written and published in Dutch. An English language version may become available if there is sufficient demand for it.

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Health Mastery: Your guide to experiencing positive health.

Our mission

Health mastery means experiencing wholeness. This supports the feeling of wellbeing of both the individual and the collective. Health Mastery kindly invites you to consider a more integral way of looking at imbalances, illness prevention, and positive health. This way, we hope to contribute to a mindshift from “repairing illness” to wholeness, staying healthy and boosting our intrinsic self-healing capabilities.


The current health care system in The Netherlands has reached a point at which its viability and affordability are at stake. Such fundamental challenges cannot be solved through thinking on the level at which these challenges occurred. We need a transformation from reparative analysis to integral experience. Health Mastery supports and stimulates the consciousness required to fully exploit your own potential to once again regain the experience of wholeness.

The concept of “Positive health”, as introduced by Machteld Huber, provides a valuable framework to support this transition, because it offers a change of perspective: from illness to wellness; also, it stresses the importance of patients taking their own responsibility and control over their own well-being. Regardless of aspects such as legislation and financing of health, important though they may be, the insight to what’s needed to again experience wholeness is the key.

Our Goal

Our goal is to induce the experience of wholeness, by applying holistic thinking and acting. This promotes the well-being of the individual and of the collective. This in turn contributes to sustainable health care. By introducing the principles, guidelines and the new four-body model of wholeness, we hope to be able to contribute to this transformation in a valuable way. Since we are inclusive, we consider all healing methods. See also our “Inspiration” page and “Recommendation” page.


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