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With Acupuncture, most of us usually imagine metal needles being inserted into the body. The purpose is to help cure often vague symptoms on an energetic way. At first sight,…

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The term “Ayahuasca” is used for both the vegetal, trance-inducing liquid from the Amazon forest area, as well as the healing method in which this liquid plays an important role…

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Aroma therapy

An aroma is a distinctive, typically pleasant odor or smell. This healing method is focused on the energetic body. Its purpose is to stimulate the experience of total health through…

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The Ayurveda (Sanskrit for “Science of life”) might be summarized in one sentence: “Discover your own unique nature, and live on a daily basis according to your nature.” The Ayurveda…

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The healing method of Bio-energetics has been developed in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century by Alexander Lowen. As a medical doctor, he observed that both physical and…

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Cardiology as a science is concerned with the quality of the heart operation, as seen in the physical body. Since heart and vascular disease are still cause of death #1…

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