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Always be mindful of the general proviso on applying the healing methods found on this web site. Nothing included on this web site should be used as a replacement for a doctor’s consult. A description of a method provides some direction, but that is not the same as a thorough diagnosis. Never experiment on your own with healing methods, based on the brief descriptions found on this site, or the information found on sites that we refer to. Whenever you are not feeling well, always consult a qualified doctor. Together with your doctor you can collect information about the signals that your physical, energetic and mental body seem to give you. If your doctor is willing to look in an integral or holistic way, you could collectively discover which healing methods fit best in your particular case, to stimulate your own self-healing powers. Your doctor may refer you to specialists, therapists or other coaches. Please be mindful of the fact that all methods come with good and poor practitioners. It is not always easy to discern one from the other, although medical quality sites are appearing more and more.

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